Apr 19
b>SONGBIRDS are among nature's greatest indicators of a quality environment. In and around many industrial centers where pollutants are rampant and in heavy agricultural areas where pesticide use is great, the number of songbirds has decreased in recent years. Not so in most of Texas, where clean air, excellent habitat and people interested in nature are the rule and not the exception. Many Texans are concerned about the inroads being made upon nature by an expanding human race & receive balm ...
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Apr 18
The principal house plants which are easy to raise by sowing seeds are Aloe (succulent plant), Asparagus species, Begonia semper-florensundB. rex, cacti (many kinds), Clivia, Cyclamen, Eucalyptus, Fuchsia (varieties), Grevillea robusta, Opuntia, Passijiora, Phoenix (palm), Primula malacoides and P. obconica, Ricinus, Rochea (succulent plant), Saintpaulia (hybrids) and Solatium capsicastrum. The most suitable compost It is best to sterilise the compost, and it should therefore be heated in a ...
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Apr 17
center>Ten Things To Consider When Purchasing A Bird House When you decide to buy one bird house or more -- be aware that there are many designs being sold that are unsuitable for the birds. These houses may not attract any birds or the types of birds you wish, or they may actually be harmful. Many are very cute and look like little decorated houses. There is nothing wrong with these, but they are usually more appropriate as indoor decoration than as good safe homes for wild birds. Below is a ...
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Apr 16
When confronted by a garden gnome the common reaction is to hold up your hands in horror and utter an expression of disgust while wondering how anyone can bear to allow such a creature to remain in their backyard. On the other hand we are told on good authority that the gnome population of Southern Germany is close on four million and, when you start looking, there are quite a number visible in the US. Perhaps we should not be surprised by the Germans since gnomes were first created in their ...
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Apr 15
Copyright 2005 Modern Digital Marketing LLC If you are going to have a web presence for your small business, it only makes sense that it should actually help you get more business. In order to do so, your website design should focus on performing only one function ' and that's to convey your sales message to your site visitors in an effective and efficient manner. No matter what your web designer tells you, simplicity is best when building your small business website. While having a website ...
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Apr 14
/p> The house edge, which is the commission that a gambling agent such as a casino, a sportsbook (bookmaker), or a lottery administrator charges, is a yardstick that measures how a specific gambling game is fair and reasonable. It is one of the most important factors that every player should consider whenever he/she is engaged in any type of gambling, inasmuch as it indicates how much of the money wagered goes to the gambling agent's pocket and how much is redistributed to the winners. ...
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Apr 13

Can You Afford A House?

iconApril 13th, 2014

The time has come to buy a house. Questions buzz around in your head like a swarm of angry bees: "How much can I borrow? How much do I have to put down? How much will my payments be?" Well, let me suggest starting with the "How much can I borrow?" question. I know you should never answer a question with a question, but in this case we need to ask a few more questions in order to figure out the answer to our first question, and for those of you who would like to start crunching numbers ...
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Apr 12
Your house is one of the biggest purchases you have probably ever made. You make payments faithfully each month, take care of the interior and exterior, and fix it up to meet your current needs. Whether you are younger or older, your house is a part of who you are. Right now, you probably hear lots of people talking about refinancing their homes, and you wonder what you would stand to gain by refinancing. Here are the top 3 reasons why people choose to refinance their houses. 1. Refinancing ...
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Apr 11

Advice On Selling A House

iconApril 11th, 2014

Maybe you've read lots of advice on selling a house. But do you know the biggest mistake many people make when selling a house? Not understanding real estate value. You see, it doesn't matter what you think your home is worth. It doesn't matter what youdid to make in nicer for your family. The value of your home is determined by buyers. What you enjoyed about your house may be irrelevant when it's time to sell. Think in terms of what buyers want, and use some of the following advice on selling ...
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Apr 10
In our recent survey to readers of my ezine, The Joy Letter, I was asked to provide a timeline of the ups and downs in building my motivational website, (www.howmuchjoy.com). Ah ' where to begin? There have been definite highs and lows in my small business's 5-year history. Here are some of them, plus lessons learned along the way. August, 1999. Launched site based on my newly published creativity book with trepidation, despite 'gut feeling' that it would succeed. Had no idea what I was doing. ...
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