Aug 21
First and foremost, this article is for investors. As an investor, you should not (must not) have any emotional ties to any of your properties. You are in this business to make a fair and honest profit, and you will sell your home(s) when it makes sense to do so. Your goals should be to buy low and sell high, generate a positive cash flow while you own the house and use as little of your own money as possible. OK, so now how should you go about buying a house for your rent to own inventory of ...
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Aug 20
Consumers in North America are getting ready for the 2005 / 2006 winter season as we write this report and most are bracing themselves for larger energy bills during the coming winter heating season than past years. Recent spikes in energy costs for all types of energy including gasoline, heating oil, electricity and natural gas are causing many consumers to begin thinking about how they heat their homes and whether they can save money. In our discussion we will use the term "energy" to refer ...
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Aug 19
I get asked all the time about housing as an investment, and as I talk with people it is amazing how differently people look at it. Forget investment property for the moment and consider how we should evaluate the investment performance of our own homes. I am surprised how many people don't know the difference between "enterprise value", which is the sales price of a home (debt plus equity), and "equity value", which is what is left at the end of the day when you sell your home and pay off the ...
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Aug 18

Selling a House is Easy

iconAugust 18th, 2014

The thought of selling a house strikes fear into most people. The contracts, the legalese, the exorbitant costs -- they all conspire to make the experience unpleasant at best, and a nightmare at worst. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Let's take a look at three different scenarios for selling the same house. We'll assume an average house in an average town in America, whose market value has been established at $150,000. Scenario 1: A Traditional Home Sell If the value of the home is ...
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Aug 17
Author: Barry Gilbert Building your credit is a sure-fired solution for stopping creditors and collection agencies from nagging you every day. If you are attempting to reestablish your status in life, you must realize there is a bumpy road ahead. Creditors are people you owe and if you do not pay, the creditors will go lengths to get their money. Regardless of the laws and regulations stipulated on credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies, and other sources that collect debt, many will ...
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Aug 16
Many people dread the task of building a budget because they view it as overwhelming and frustrating. But it will make the job easier if you look at it in another way; the only way to financial freedom. Do you feel as though there is no way to get out of the red and into the black, much less plan ahead for your retirement or even a vacation? Are you tired of getting paid on Friday and being broke before you even get home? Do you have tons of useless junk that you wish you'd never bought? If ...
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Aug 15
There are a number of things you can do to improve the sales price of your house. It's not that hard, and the little things will often go a long way in determining the price - perception counts, and if you can make your house seem of a higher quality, you'll get a higher bid. First and foremost, clean. This is done surprisingly rarely - all you have to do to get a much higher price is to hire a maid to go through the house thoroughly to make it look spotless (or do it yourself if you're so ...
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Aug 14

Building Credit Ideas

iconAugust 14th, 2014

There are several ways that we can build credit. If you are tired of collectors hounding you, or if you are frustrated that no one will loan you money because you never had credit, it is time to learn how to build your credit. First, and foremost never purchase items you do not need. If you 'want', do not let your wants wear you down and get you deeper in debt. If you are searching to build credit and have no history at all, make sure you have your priorities in order. Bad Credit Building ...
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Aug 13
Copyright 2005 William Tan This is Step 5 of CashFlow Avenue's 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom and Wealth Building. STEP 5 - Arm Yourself with Options Trading Knowledge Today, we move forward to understanding the business of Options Trading. Just like when we get into any new business, we have to equip ourselves with knowledge of the business. Many amateur traders pay the ultimate price by "messing" with their hard earned risk capital and end up losing all their money. In any business, when ...
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Aug 12
If you're thinking about buying a house, you'll have a number of things that you'll want to specifically look into before you do. This article will give you a number of suggestions about exactly what factors to look into before you make the big plunge into being a homeowner. First, always ask around among the neighbors before you buy. You'll be surprised about what might turn up. If there's been bad blood, a neighbor might be willing to reveal every problem they know about with the house. ...
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